Mid Launch Week

Guys! I'm so excited you're here. This re-brand launch has been "my baby" for the last couple weeks and I'm so excited to finally share! My fingers are bleeding as I type this after the ridiculous amount of hours I've spent putting this puppy together. Thank god for good web platforms that allow me to edit pretty simply (Thanks Bry for the suggestion). Thanks also to my girl Leah for helping me keep my brand in check and for helping me perfect graphics, fonts, & styling. This industry is so collaborative and wonderful - other creatives have been my lifesaver! (helping acknowledge that this business ownership is down right crazy - but so worth it!)

Anyways, here were are! The new look. Why a new look? This year has really been fire under my butt and I realized the more traffic I was getting through my old website (that gives me the shivers) that my image did not fit who I am today. I really wanted to put out a brand that was cleaner, more stream lined that allowed the amazing flowers I get to work with be the focus - making sure they're the focal point.

I have done a couple weddings this summer - they were fun and so pretty but little did I know it would be the summer things took off. All of a sudden it has taken off faster then I EVER anticipated. Now here I am working full time as a nurse, working nights and weekends -- SO many hours creating, planning, and meeting the most amazing brides (& some grooms - shout out to you fellas) for next years wedding season. Along with that launching a new website, logo, and a couple more exciting things soon to be announced. Is this real life?

To be quite frank I had NO idea this would happen... not this summer... not ever! I mean don't get me wrong. I have wanted to own a floral business, shop, boutique "ONE DAY!" and I've started this business idea of Eclectic Elegance a couple years ago. I've done a couple weddings each summer but this year its turned into almost 20 weddings booked by November for the next calendar year. PINCH me. I cannot even believe it. THANK you everyone for the support, encouragement, and interest in my flowers.

This week has been a realization for me that when you truly put your heart into something you really love and put yourself out there even just a bit, people support you and love it.

Let's go - this ride is not stopping anytime soon and I am so honored, excited, and thrilled I could just cry. (partially from exhaustion of launch week, being so anxiously excited and honestly even a bit scared of what the future holds)

This blog is going to be where I share my current happenings, latest styled shoots, wedding and event highlights, my favorite new business, my favorite seasoned and well established businesses, my learning experiences: where I share my heart, potty mouth, and grand/not so grand ideas.